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How much a web site cost?
2013-02-06 08:55:16
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The whole fee including:

1. Domain

Normally, the .com domain is $20.00 each year

2. Hosting Server
Visual Hosting: $250.00 each year

Cloud Server: $800.00 each year

Standalone Server: $9000.00 each year

3. Design Fee

Company Site: $1500.00--$2500.00
SEO Service: from $1200.00 each month
Portal Site: from $10,000.00

4. Maintenance Service

Keep site online 24/7 service: free

Updating Content: $50.00-$100.00 each time

Changing Framework (Add/Delete/ function): $500.00 each time

5. SEO Service (Optional)

$200.00--$500.00 each words each month


Global email account :
10 accounts, 1 GB each account, $300.00 each year.

Here is the normal price for company web site building. The price of each project is different according to the requirement.

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