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Ecommerce Web Design 


The success of an ecommerce site depends on a number of key factors. 

1. layout and presentation of product. 

2. a smooth checkout process. 

3. fast loading 

4. fast delivery of product. 

Trends come and go but always the neat clear and informative presentation of product using good quality images win the customer with confidence. 

When we implement ecommerce sites we have the user experience in mind always. What does your target customer require and how do they want to search. This differs from store to store depending on the product and the demographic of the customer. 

Selling online is like some sort of beauty contest. If your site is ugly then you do not get the best result. If your site is beautiful and well presented, easy to use then it is referred to by customers and wins new business.  

We offer clients pre-built layouts and bespoke layouts according to their requirements. All our ecommerce sites we deliver use responsive design meaning they display on PC/Laptops , tablets and mobile devices in easy to use formats. We have been building ecommerce sites since 2002 and have the experience to deliver and support your ecommerce site. 

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webdesign shanghai
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webdesign shanghai
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webdesign shanghai

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